Slavery and Universities

This wiki is devoted to scholarly explorations of the historical relationship between slavery and institutions of higher education, in North America and elsewhere. Topics to be considered might include:
  • Assessing the economic entanglement of universities in the slave trade and in slavery;
  • the role of 18th and 19th century colleges and universities in providing theological, legal and political legitimation for chattel slavery and the Atlantic Slave Trade;
  • the 'underside' of utopian imaginings in colleges and universities
  • the contributions of enslaved persons in the building and maintenance of colleges and universities;
  • the experiences of enslaved persons and their descendants at institutions of higher learning;
  • universities and abolitionism;
  • remembering (and forgetting) slavery in the context of universities, including exhibitions, memorials, and commemorative ceremonies;
  • Pedagogic strategies for engaging students and community members in documenting the history of slavery at institutions of higher learning;
  • Literary and artistic engagements with slavery in university contexts;
  • Under what conditions should universities apologize or offer reparations for their roles in slavery and the slave trade

Wiki coordinator: Mark Auslander (Central Washington University)

Video footage of the conference "Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies," Feb. 3-6, 2011 at Emory University is now available, via iTunes University.

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