Enslaved Persons associated with Harvard College

Harvard College does not appear to have owned slaves; however, many prominent white families closely associated with the College did own slaves, and in some cases slaves were rented out to labor on campus. This is an emerging list; please add or correct as appropriate.

Cicely. Epitaph in the old burying ground in Cambridge. "Here lyes ye body of CICELY, Negro, late Servant to ye Revd Mr. William Brattle: she died April 8, 1714. being 15 years old." (Rev. Brattle, a graduate of Harvard College, later served as a College tutor and fellow.)

Titus, "a Mulatto". Owned by President Benjamin Wadsworth. Baptized at Church of Christ, Cambridge, where he entered into full communion, Sept 21, 1729. Banned by the Harvard Corporation from the "enclosures of the College"

Venus. Purchased by President Benjamin Wadsworth in 1726 from "Mr. Bulfinch" of Boston. Baptized at Church of Christ, Cambridge August 17, 1740. Perhaps the same person as Venus Whittemore enslaved by Rev. Samuel Whittemore.