Yale University

Website: Yale, Slavery and Abolition. http://www.yaleslavery.org/ (includes a 2001 report to download on slavery at Yale)

"The Slavery Legacy" at Yale, by Mark Alden Branch '86:

Yale's first endowed professorship and the slave trade: http://www.yaleslavery.org/Endowments/e1prof.html

Slave Traders in Yale's Past: http://www.stratalum.org/nytimes81501.html

"Should Yale Apologize for Slavery?" History News Network. http://hnn.us/articles/213.html

Brent Staples, Wrestling with the Legacy of Slavery at Yale, NYT, 8/4/2001. http://www.stratalum.org/nytimes81501.html

Portrait of Elihu Yale (being waited on by a black man with a silver collar around his neck) removed:


Sarah Doyle: " Benjamin Silliman of Yale plays a prominent role. His family were not the slave traders the Livingstons were, but they did own slaves." See: